Manually set up pNode on Wallet

This is a temporary way to have your Node set up successfully. Please make sure you tried the normal process ( with the latest app version

1/ Connect your Node to the router with an Ethernet cable

2/ Connect your computer to the same router above. It can be via either WiFi or Ethernet cable

3/ Get your Node's IP by this software: or this

For example, your Node's IP here is

4/ Create a new Incognito wallet. Your Node will be linked to this wallet. Copy the private key and save it safe! Prepare these information:

*Your Incognito address *Your Validator key *Node IP *Node QR Code. This is the number you get after scanning the QR code at 3rd step. Its format is xxxx-xxxxxx

5/ Open Google Chrome browser. Enter this link on the address bar:


Remember to replace:

IP-NODE by your Node IP

your-qr-code by your Node ID

your-validator-key by your Validator key

For example:

*Your Incognito address: 12RqSfuDTJYxfLniAtpK5ZwnT1KGxa5atRgE8MM75v4XnpFYGSMAxxTruZsMxy9rTXDJMQE3W7hMAXk9i6zp2ZmGu926pG1LUnrBUJ7 *Your Validator key: 1bcMV99QHFjfifXLTDLSv9fQg2qSyG14UFPG2KRt7kAxxJdHJJ *Node IP: *Node QR Code: 1234-567890


You are correct if you get this string "message" : "OK"

6/ Monitor your Node:

On the Nodes screen, tap on "Add a Node"

Choose "Device" => Choose "Add an existing Node"

Scan your QR code again

7/ Please drop a message via this Telegram: @peter_incognito with the following information:

a. Your Incognito address:

b. Your Validator key:

c. Your Node ID:

8/ The above information will be used to create a staking request manually by us in 12 hours

The status will change when the staking request is approved by the system. It might take up to 48 hours to be approved

9/ Important note:

a. Keep you device always connected to the router by the Ethernet cable

b. Do not tap on "Stake". Physical nodes don't require you to purchase 1750 PRV. It is using "funded staking mechanism", allows you to stake right away

c. When the pNode is not connected to the network where it is set up, the node will be offline. We will update the feature "Change Wi-fi network" soon